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Day care centers

Ozone effectively removes odors from nurseries and church nurseries. Nurseries can be a breeding ground for germs, viruses, and bacteria. Strong odors also have a way of persisting in closed airspaces. When parents leave their children, they want to know that the center environment is healthy. Bad smells can leave the wrong impression. Ozone can help with: Odors caused by spilled milk. Baby odors, slime, coughs, and sneezes. Smells caused by dirty diapers or diaper containers. Dirty litter bins. Moldy smell in the basement ... Elimination of odors Eliminate the source of the odor (Ex: take out the garbage at the end of the day) Clean the area (clean the surfaces with disinfectant, vacuum cleaner, etc.) Depending on the environment, run the machine for at least 2 hours at night. Wait at least 2 hours after the generator is turned off to re-enter the room. Finally; enjoy the fresh, clean and germ-free environment that parents will definitely notice

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