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Food odors

An irritating odor from food can come from burning, rotting, or continued use. This can be a problem when deciding to buy or sell a home or business. It could also be a factor for people who have allergies or are extremely sensitive to odors. The list could be endless! Some examples include:

Shabby milk

Burnt plastic

Fryer oil smell

Bacon smell

Roasted scents

Curry smell

Egg smell

Cheese smells

Burnt Casserole

Smell of ethnic food Freezer / refrigerator disconnected or lack of electricity

Moldy food

Ozone treatment will effectively manage kitchen odors of all kinds. Deodorizing kitchen odors with ozone is a guarantee.

The main factors in determining success in deodorizing food odors:

Analyzing the severity of the odor

Ozone generator capacity

Total volume of airspace to be treated

Air flow range

Steps to clean the source of the odor:

Identify the source: Where does the odor originate?

Clean the area with a solvent and allow it to dry.

Rent an ozone generator to remove the odor that lingers in the air.

Odor source:

Wall issue: Oily film on stained paint during cleaning process, leaving uneven paint job. Answer: Finish the cleaning process with a cleaning agent that attacks grease and repaint with a stain resistant sealer. If no film is present, ozone at a high level will remove the odor. Roof problem: Loose texture of a thick, greasy residue? Answer: Scrape away any loose material and re-coat the texture. Ozone the room for up to 24 hours. Spray a thin coat of sealer and repaint.

Caution: Depending on the age and strength of the texture, several coats of paint may be too heavy, causing the texture to loosen from the ceiling. Ozone deodorizer is the best answer. Carpentry, windows and other structural elements: clean thoroughly with a cleaning agent fat that attacks the fat. If repainting is not necessary, then the easy and inexpensive high-performance ozone process will better remove odor. Carpet problem: a film of cooking grease on the carpet. Answer: A deep-cleaning carpet shampoo with a cleaning agent that attacks grease. Deodorizing the ozone after the cleaning process will remove odors forever.

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