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Furniture smells?

Ozone is an effective solution for treating odors on furniture, starting by answering these questions: Was your furniture in a flood? Was a large amount of water spilled on the furniture? Was a window left open and the furniture rained down?

Has anyone had a problem urinating? Reclining armchairs Carpeting Mattresses Sofas Chairs Cars Church pews Houses Offices Clothes Blankets School buses Semi trucks Elimination of odors - Ozone can eliminate any musty odor that penetrates the fabric. - Shampooing the fabric is the first step if the furniture allows a water-based cleaning method. See the instructions on the label. - When it comes to moldy odors, mold on furniture or rugs, a mold and mildew inhibitor should be added to the cleaning method rinse process. - A dry cleaning method for hypersensitive materials, wool and other non-water based materials should only be used in the upholstery as a dry cleaning agent. - Once the furniture is completely dry, an ozone generator should be used to eliminate lingering odors that could be trapped in areas that the cleaning process could not reach, such as some lower areas. - Place a large piece of plastic or canvas over the entire cabinet so that all edges of the plastic / canvas are flush with the floor to prevent ozone from escaping into the room. - Place the outlet end of the ozone generator just below the plastic with the rest of the ozone generator in the room. Make sure the plastic is glued to the ozone generator to prevent any ozone leakage.

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