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Rotten meat smell?

Ozone effectively removes the smell of rotting meat in a house / building. Ask yourself these questions:

- Did liquid, blood, or water leak into the floor (carpet, laminate, or wood floor)?

- Has the fridge / freezer lost electricity and now the liquid from the defrosted meat on the shelf or leaked internally into the insulation?

Follow these steps to eliminate the smell of rotting meat:

1. If liquid, blood, or water seeped onto the mat, the mat should be lifted and cleaned underneath.

2. Before wood floor treatment and mat pad replacement, the mat should be shampooed and deodorized on both sides to prevent liquid blood or water from transferring to the new pad and floor / treated wood underlayment.

3. Before replacing the pad, the wood floor or base must be sanded and sealed with a polyurethane coating to seal off any odors that may be trapped in the wood fibers.

4. If there is a pad under the mat, it should be replaced where it has been soaked and stained. Repeat the shampoo process until satisfaction is achieved. If satisfaction is not reached within five times, you may need to consider a different cleaning agent or carpet replacement.

5. If liquid blood or odor-filled water is confined to the refrigerator / freezer, the refrigerator / freezer should be moved to a hard surface, preferably protected underneath with plastic or canvas, to avoid any further immersion in the surface of the floor. Once the liquid or dried liquid blood has been removed, an ozone generator should be used.

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