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The 10 most toxic cleaning products for your health

1. Multipurpose,

laundry soap and dishwasher. Most of these cleaning products contain alcohol, propylene glycol, and sodium tripolyphosphate. Alcohol can cause nausea and vomiting if ingested; propylene glycol is irritating and can cause damage to the immune system; and sodium tripolyphosphate irritates the skin and may cause blindness in direct contact with the skin and eyes.

2. Flavorings

The fragrance or perfume of floor cleaners and other household detergents can cause asthma, nausea, skin irritations, sudden mood swings, depression, and memory loss. The culprit is EDTA, a persistent organic pollutant and super damaging to the environment.

3. Detergent for the bathroom and toilet

It usually contains chlorine, a chemical element that irritates the skin, eyes and lungs. It also usually contains paradichlorobenzene, which can damage the eyes, nose and nervous system. And in those that are disinfectants there is usually phenol, a very harmful component if ingested since it is potentially carcinogenic.

4. Window cleaner

Most of these products are made from ammonia, a compound that in high concentrations can irritate the eyes, throat and respiratory tract, as well as inflaming the lungs and destroying the gastric mucosa, as well as injuries to the epidermis.

5. Whiteners

One of its components, sodium hypochlorite, is especially harmful. Ingested in large quantities causes delirium, low blood pressure and serious damage to the esophagus and stomach. It should never be mixed with ammonia as it produces a chemical reaction that emits toxic gas.

6. Oven cleaner and drain cleaner

To combat grease and jams, they usually contain sodium hydroxide or caustic soda, a product that can cause serious damage to the gastric and digestive system if swallowed. This compound is also usually found in disinfectant and anti-fungal products.

7. Degreasers They usually contain toxic butyl solvents, which can harm the liver, kidneys and central nervous system. They are also often worn by multipurpose and window cleaners. 8. Anti-scale and metal cleaner Its harmful element, among others, is hydrochloric acid or muriatic acid, which is super corrosive and irritating to any tissue that comes into contact with it. Very high exposure to this acid can cause fluid in the lungs and death from suffocation. 9. Shoe and floor polishers Be very careful if among its components you see that it contains nitrobenzene, a very toxic product and easily absorbable through the skin, lungs and intestines in case of contact, breathing it in large quantities or ingesting it. It can cause serious damage to the nervous system, defects in fetuses and even death. 10. Polishes for furniture They usually contain formaldehyde, a compound that the International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies as "confirmed carcinogen for humans".

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