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The misuse of toxic disinfectants

The College of Biologists of Catalonia considers that there are many unqualified personnel using products that harm health. According to the College of Biologists of Catalonia, a misuse of disinfectants is being carried out in public and private spaces to combat Covid-19, the efficacy of which has not been demonstrated. In addition, disinfection tasks are carried out by people without specific training who work in companies that have not been registered in the Official Registry of Biocidal Establishments and Services, applying unsuitable material criteria. The College of Biologists is especially concerned about the misuse of chlorinated disinfectants such as bleach. According to Eduardo Martínez (biologist) the use of bleach, under pressure of false security, is abusive, and can be ineffective and counterproductive. Eduardo Matínez (biologist) also criticizes that city councils use chlorine or legias excessively on roads; You are being stepped on or rolled again by people or vehicles that come from the field or other places so it may be ineffective after a short time. Bleach can be effective for handles, pomocs, or railings, for everything that is touched with your hands, but not for the streets. Chlorinated substances such as lyes are an element of concern. These can be mixed with organic matter or ammonia, which are products used in detergents and other cleaning products. But "the mixture of these substances can give rise to toxic and carcinogenic products" they warn. Its use must be applied by qualified personnel, the bleach must always be used with cold water, it must never be mixed with anything else. OZONE is one of the products that is spreading, and is used in disinfection arches and closed spaces. Where it is used successfully is to sterilize surgical material and water. The College recalls that to be effective against viruses, concentrations that are toxic to humans are required. So it should be applied without people inside the room, as we have always advised at ecO3pure. Ozone concentrations (03) must be of the order of 20 parts per million, so that it can inactivate viruses, while ozone is toxic to people from 0.6 parts per million. Therefore, to take extreme precautions, the regulations establish that ozonation equipment must not exceed 0.05 parts per million when applied with people in a room.

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