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Washing with ozonated water

After unloading the fish from the boat and once acquired by the wholesaler or exporter, it proceeds to wash to remove external mucus from the product and provide a good presence to the fish (shine, coloration, etc ...).

As the water used is susceptible to contamination, a treatment of it with Ozone will effectively destroy the existing microorganisms, providing more oxygen to a water with very little recirculation. Furthermore, by keeping the water constantly clean and transparent, the number of water renewals can be reduced.

When flushing with ozonated water, operators will notice the calluses on their hands and the fishy smell disappear. In addition, they will prevent the absorption of the trihalomethanes generated as a consequence of the Chlorine contained in the mains water.

At an industrial level, Ozone is used for the treatment of molluscs (clams, mussels, ...) displacing chlorine. In this way, a faster purification is obtained in cases of heavy pollution, an excellent vitality of the treated shellfish and the absolute lack of harmful effects on marine plankton.

Other results of Ozone treatment are:

· Hake maintains more shine, red gills and hardness to the touch.

· The lily (like cod, but smaller) is more palatable, since it does not alter the flavor.

· The conger eel stored in an ozonated cold store, holds up to 15 days as freshly caught.

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